Bash On

Try again, try again
A place of fall is not a place to sleep
The place of abode lies ahead
To be there in time and for real,
You must be up and moving again
A righteous fall is times seven
The perfect rise is always equal
My little one is now walking
He fell and fell but my heart was still
Yet the designer knows better
A “blow man” is the most troubled
Yet he is the hero who breaks and mends all hearts
Fall but don’t fail, for failure is the only true fall
The end is told from the beginning
Who persists will also win
Destiny of the elect is victory
But only by faith in the lamb that was slain
For the welcome call of saints into heaven did say,
These are the ones that overcame by the blood of the lamb that was slain.



Can you imagine your cherished, priceless goods,
When they are lost and by no means can reclaim?
The moroseness of forlorn or the grief of a lonely bastard, which compares?
It was so, when man lost his perfect garden,
This was the first Zion
Which was with divine providence, void of toil
Swapped with this bedeviled dry lands
Naturally coming with the striver’s strife
All because man disobeyed on same terrain as the serpent
Both desired the state or office of The Prime Mover
And then got denied divine visits or divine abode of the Holy Lord
A fallen man and a fallen Angel in adjacent kingdoms
The serpent resolved to set up a lie factory
Man became the natural buyer
Deep-seated apostasy, deepened divine division
Man was thus due for destruction.
The very one who was destined a Son of The Most High


Agape drew the rescue plan
With man, yet in fast pace renunciation on the road of skulls
For isolation from source of life is nothing but death
The son of God became the son of man
The second Adam, who cannot fall
How can The Lion King fall to the postiche lion?
His bloodline is the genealogy of dreadful warriors
Up from Utopia here to the Orb
The Lion from the tribe of Judah
The mission is to show the way
And thus move man back to Zion,
That new Garden of Eden
The plan must still work; Man must rule the earth in a millennia
And then he can judge Angels in his father’s Kingdom.
But how can this be except man agrees to return?
Only he who knows his faults can make amends
If just to say, am sorry, please forgive
And now to take the new course, after The Lion King
Meaning to deny himself, take up his cross and follow his Lord
On that narrow, rocky, hilly path
On which the father tries their love and passion
To see if they’d strive to the end of the road
For there lies paradise, the lost but found providence


Nobody thought it was easy at all
Those under their cross are sure of the weight
But chose to carry the easier yoke
For the leader they follow is at the end heretofore
Also with the first to opt in
Yea, this yoke is easy, for the help
Both of the Master’s orison and the comforter’s aliment
Hence their vehemence fleshes out
And that clemency takes them there
Yet those fleeing the cross also know the weight
Avoirdupois triggered their morbid fear
Yet their flee is misstep
He who fights and run, Will surely fight another day
They sling their hook at leviathan
Now on the one way lane
They meet up with the bloated cross
Leviathan says carry your cross
And the dragon hovers with fresh fire
Beyond the warning sign,
Had I known is a patent of capocchia
Yea the cross must be borne whether now or later
Whether abreast of the helper or alongside the totting-up of cacodemon

I Shall Return

They thought he came to judge, he said nay
They thought he came to blame, he said nay
He said I came to change, they asked why?
He said I came to save they asked how?
Only believe I am He
Who was to come and now is come
After me none true, will come
For truly I am he
I formed Adam
I was before Abraham
I am the second Adam
The first did fall, the second will stand
Strive and you will understand
The new is in me
For the old did truly suck
Though I depart, I will be back
That time as the judge,
That time my words will pay, and will blame
So that, you will not be grudged
I have said, all buddings engraft the vine
And surely all will be fine

The Rescue Plan

God made the earth, a garden called the Eden
He thought I should make man in my image
I am a ruler, King of creations
Man on earth should rule all creatures
Big or small, all to submit
How come man bowed to the serpent?
And thus a mandate got stolen
God says I am the creator
Man on earth should recreate his world
Men said we will make ourselves a name
They did not chose to please their Lord
Heaven came and stalled the plan for a fame
Men babbled and Babel failed
The serpent god moved man far from their maker
Destroying the order of the potter
A rescue plan came from The Maker
The Lion of Judah’s tribe must be born
Coming to restore man’s rule and pride
The Lion must move them to Zion
There to unite the Lion groom to the lost but found bride
That most lovely espousal party
For those who chose to miss, what a pity

Body, Soul and Spirit

Your body is of clay
That part which plays
Clay is from earth
Hence when you get birthed
Try hard to refine
So that you can shine
Don’t fear to make a blast
For clay will not last
Often you refresh, when you lie
But the body will surely exhaust, and then you’ll die


Your soul is the life
That part which drives
Hence as you thrive,
Beware of the strife
The soul is immortal
Your life must be important
For when the flesh rebounds
It will give account
When it meets the maker
Also the giver and the taker

Your spirit is energizer
’Tis the cleanser and reviver
Your spirit is of the Lord
Learn to revere your God
Your spirit makes the link
So your maker, you can blink
To tell you are happy or sad
He’s ready to make you glad
Just waiting to hear you ask
El will supply from his gigantic flask

Ask Me

Some time when the river is ice ask me
mistakes I have made. Ask me whether
what I have done is my life. Others
have come in their slow way into
my thought, and some have tried to help
or to hurt: ask me what difference
their strongest love or hate has made.

I will listen to what you say.
You and I can turn and look
at the silent river and wait. We know
the current is there, hidden; and there
are comings and goings from miles away

that hold the stillness exactly before us.
What the river says, that is what I say.

If you believe, Williams is Glad

About Poetry

The time comes and Poets start to write
And then they hope to grow
Let your reviews be bright
Because the authors want to know
Writing is not about a show
It is about the know, the flow and the glow
But we are first lovers of nature
And our talents, we like to nurture
So as we go we try to picture
Things by eyes and by mind
No poet is truly blind
With eyes or no eyes we see
For we are just like bees
We buzz with words about
This way, you get to know what poetry is about